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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

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Sydney 2000

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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Daybreaker Launch Event at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium!


01 Mar 2019 09:01:41

Mischief on the Reef

Daybreaker, the morning dance experience that inspires over 450,000 people to wake up and dance, launched in Sydney at the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on February 13th! 

Daybreaker, the early morning movement responsible for inspiring 25 cities around the world to get up in the morning and start the day with yoga and a dance party, is expanded to Sydney last month. The launch was in collaboration with the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and took place inside the brand new $5 million interactive Day and Night on the Reef zone.

It was a three hour experience that allowed guests to wake up all their senses. The first hour consisted of a
yoga session, followed by a two hour high energy dance party hosted by Emcee Elliott LaRue who flew in from New York City for the event. Night Tales were the featured electronic DJ duo from the minds of Third Floor and Kamaliza. Special guests, performances and theatrical elements were sprinkled throughout to keep party-goers alert, awake and on their toes at all times.

Daybreaker began over a late-night falafel in Brooklyn, New York back in 2013. Social entrepreneurs and close friends, Radha Agrawal and Matt Brimer mused over an idea about dancing before the day broke with people they loved. The idea stemmed from a frustration with nightlife and all the stigmas that often come with it —a lack of human connection, people engrossed in their phones, mean bouncers and the lack of dancing. Paired with a curiosity to explore the morning hours (a time that most people usually sleep through), Daybreaker was born.

Daybreaker is centered around creating a community that values camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, mindfulness, and mischief and has grown to over 450,000 followers and has launched in 24 cities with Sydney being the 25th.

Thousands of people in Sydney petitioned to bring the movement to Australia which is what merited Daybreaker to take action. “There are few things as exciting as launching a new city — and we take a lot of care to get it right.” says Agrawal “We’re most passionate about sharing with Sydney that Daybreaker is a community, first and foremost. It’s where we come together to unlock, connect and self express through dance. It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom.”

”It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom.”