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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Open Times

Regular Opening Hours
Open daily 10am - 6pm (Last entry 5pm)
Summer Holiday Opening Hours
Open daily 9.30am - 7pm (Last entry 6pm) Public holidays may effect these hours please refer to our opening hours page
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Picture of penguin

King and Gentoo Penguins


Gentoo Steven

Meet Steven

Steven is a typical Gentoo, super cheeky, very inquisitive and always under the feet of our keepers! He loves enrichment games and 'helping' the keepers with their buckets or chores. Gentoo’s don’t reach maturity until 3 years old so he still has a few years left of this playful, child-like period. His favourite enrichment game is smashing jelly cakes!

Gentoo George

Meet George

George is a well-groomed fellah with slick looking feathers. He has just completed his first moulting cycle and loves showing off his new shiny feathers. With his new dapper look, George will sure turn heads and catch lots of attention from the lady penguins.

Gentoo Genie

Meet Genie

Genie is one of our younger birds who has just left the nest. At 14 weeks young, her first adult feathers have just come through, giving her a beautiful, brown fluffy appearance. Genie has an upbeat personality and enjoys granting wishes for her fellow penguin friends.

King Penguin Nog

Meet Nog

Nog is an energetic and cheeky character who likes to look after the younger chicks and is respected and loved by his peers. He’s also easy to spot with his big eyes and funny walk as he waddles with his head down, as if he is heading to important matters of state. We’re hoping that his agreeable nature will see him attract a queen and we can welcome a royal chick into our breeding program in the next few years.

Meet Sphen & Magic

Same-sex couple, Sphen and Magic began developing a strong bond and became inseparable before breeding season, and are constantly seen waddling around and going for swims together. The couple were given a foster egg to look after... and it hatched! Baby 'Sphengic' was born and they are now a happy penguin family of three!

Penguin Expedition Ride

When you visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, don't forget to hop aboard the Penguin Expedition - it's free to ride with all tickets!

Our world first-of-its kind penguin exhibit ride will get you up close to our King and Gentoo Penguin colonies as you watch them slip, slide and swim about from your very own 8 person raft! You'll be just metres away to these spectacular creatures. So, what are you waiting for?


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SEA LIFE Sydney General Admission


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Adult From (Child $26.40)
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  • Prices vary by date and time - book in advance to save up to 20% in off peak or 10% in peak

Penguin Experience

On the ice with our penguins



  • Get up close to our cheeky Gentoo and King penguins
  • A truly unique 75 minute on the ice and behind the scenes experience (age 14+)
  • All day aquarium admission included

Penguin Experience Gift Voucher

A truly unique gift experience, on the ice!
penguin passport gift voucher



  • Get up close to our cheeky Gentoo and King penguins
  • A truly unique 75 minute on the ice and behind the scenes experience (age 14+)
  • All day aquarium admission included

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